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When it's necessary for your pet to stay with us for either the day, or for longer treatment then it's important that they feel comfortable and as stress free as possible.

Our feline friends have their own ward and each little cat pod is glass fronted so that they can keep an eye on things :)

We also use cat friendly Feliway diffusers to take the stress out of their stay with us as much as possible.



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We have been listening to your feedback over the last few months and the appointments are hugely popular and you want more of them.

So from the 1st of January 2017 ALL consultations in all the branches will be by appointment.

Please phone in advance to book, but don't worry we'll still be able to fit in any emergency too.


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Remember - Please phone ahead to book.

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We're all unique, and so are our pets. That's why it's so important to understand where the risks of parasites lie for each pet. Once you've worked out the risks for your pet we can tailor make a parasite control package for your pet that only targets their risks. Better for them and usually cheaper than blanket coverage for everything !


To assess the risks that your own pet comes up against >>






Also if you have children under the age of 4 years in your household please read one of our recent articles

regarding worming your pets <<HERE>>


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Passport Rules >


It now just takes 21 days to get your pet's passport up and running.

For more information on Pet Passports >


Just remember that it's not only Rabies that you have to protect you pet against when you go abroad - Heartworm and Leishmania are both becoming more of a problem. To find out more >>


If you are going abroad with your pet please contact the surgery for disease prevention advice before you go. We'll give you a complete parasite protection plan to keep your pet safe abroad. Don't leave it too late though - Heartworm prevention needs to start 1 month before you leave.



Spot-on cat wormers >

Are you certain your cat's taken its worming tablet?

Cat sleepingWe all know how difficult some cats can be when it comes to swallowing tablets.
According to a recent survey, 66% of cat owners said they find it difficult to give worming tablets to their cats. Thankfully now we have a spot- on wormer which kills all worm and saves your fingers into the bargain.

Once you've tried Profender you won't go back to tablets.

For more information, head over to the Profender web site >>




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Equitait Site >>

Colin TaitWe have asked local equine vet Colin Tait of Equitait to work in association with us to provide ongoing high quality care for all our equine clients.

Equitait is the Borders first veterinary practice dealing specifically with horses. So, with one phone call to your normal surgery number, you will have the benefit of all Colin’s equine experience and his modern facilities including digital x-ray and ultrasound scanner.

More information can be found over at Colin's Equitait site >>