Introducing Superkits >

We have taken an introduction to a great insurance company, top class nutrition and added them to a package of vaccination, micro-chipping, parasite control and neutering at a great price.


Preventing disease is our most important role so guiding you through the first few months with your new pet is our top priority.  We can help you to understand which parasites are relevant for your pet as well as which diseases we should be vaccinating against.  Let’s ensure your new pride and joy has a microchip placed so that they can be reunited quickly if they get lost as well as allowing you to install a microchip cat flap to prevent the sneaky cat from along the road from exploring your facilities while you’re out!  Super Kits can have a Sureflap cat flap at a discount too!

Cats Protection a UK charity have been really keen for Vets to neuter our cats earlier than the traditional 6 months to try to cut down the number of kittens who get pregnant themselves which leads to rescue centres up and down the country being full of unwanted pets.  We have scheduled neutering in at 22 weeks on the Superkit program but we do still recommend you keep them inside until after this has been done.  Early puberty might encourage a kitten to start to wander which is the most likely reason they get lost or get in to trouble.

So starting at 9 weeks old and finishing at 22 weeks we will vaccinate, flea and worm, neuter and chip your new kitten for £123 for boys and £150 for girls. 

You will get 4 weeks free insurance and a kitten pack including a taster pack of Proplan Junior.  You will also get exclusive deals on Sureflap, upgrade options to cover Feline Leukaemia virus or a Biotherm termperature reading microchip and a lifelong offer of 10% off food, flea and worm products and toothpaste for cats when purchased at their annual check and booster to help you keep them in tip top condition.