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At Border Vets we are proud to provide our own 24hrs Emergency Service. One of our Vets is on-call every night and can be contacted by calling your usual practice number. In most instances the duty Vet will arrange to see you at our Galashiels branch which is equipped with hospitalisation and surgical facilities.

Sometimes there will be medications injected and your pet will be given an appointment for a check up 24 hours later. Sometimes your pet will be admitted in the hospital at Galashiels for tests. The duty vet and duty nurse will provide ongoing care for your pet while they are in with us, keeping you informed at agreed intervals of how your pet is getting on. If your pet is in with us overnight or over the weekend they will be checked at regular intervals as determined by the duty vet.

In circumstances where intensive care and 24 hour monitoring is deemed vital, we may refer you to the Royal Dick Veterinary School at Penicuik where teams of students, nurses and interns are available throughout the night. Understandably, the provision of such intensive care can amount to a considerable cost but if we consider this necessary we will discuss this with you.