24 Hour Emergency Service call

01896 752156

As a service to our registered clients we are happy to see your pet out of hours in the event of an emergency. Our emergency service is provided every night and weekend by our own vets.

In the event of an emergency call straight away to talk to us.

Pass on as much information as possible so that we can make an accurate assessment of your pet’s situation and give you guidance on what to do next.

If your pet requires to be seen we will likely advise you to meet us at our Galashiels branch as we have full medical and surgical facilities there.

Occasionally we may feel it appropriate to hospitalise your pet at our Galashiels branch. This will allow us to monitor your pet and ensure they are rested in a warm, safe and comfortable environment. Additionally we are more able to administer medication e.g., by injection or through a drip if your pet is hospitalised.

As a small but developing practice we are currently not able to offer continuous 24 hour monitoring as standard to all our hospitalised patients. However, we are able to state that we will assess every patient individually and we will make arrangements to check your pet at intervals through the night as determined by the condition of your pet.

In circumstances where 24 hour monitoring is deemed vital, we may refer you to the Royal Dick Veterinary School at Penicuik where teams of students, nurses and interns are available throughout the night. Understandably, the provision of such intensive care can amount to a considerable cost.