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Passports are now very easy to do, and now it only takes 21 days to get them up and running.

All your pet requires is a microchip and a vaccination against Rabies, then a passport can be issued by either Mel or myself who are both qualified as Official Vets for DEFRA. Your pet cannot leave the UK until 21 days have passed but keep your Rabies vaccination up to date every 3 years, and your passport is valid for life.

From start to finish it costs approximately £145 to get your pet their passport, which is roughly equivalent to 2 weeks of kennelling fees.

If you are going abroad to areas of southern Europe you should also be aware that your pets require protection against sandflies and heartworm while they are abroad. For sandfly protection we recommend Advantix every 2 weeks while you are away.

For Heartworm protection we recommend an Advocate application before you go and every month while you are away. It is also recommended to do another advocate application 1 month after you get home. Please contact the surgery to get a tailor made protection scheme for your pet’s holiday.

Before you come back in to the UK it is also required that you visit a vet for treatment application and get your passport signed. There are many vets around the ports in France which do this routinely but for more information please head to the pets passports website