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At Border Vets we perform surgery on a daily basis. Many pets only have surgery once in their life at their neutering, however there are many illnesses and conditions that require surgery to make your pet better.

Generally the decision to go for surgery is a joint decision between you (as your pet’s guardian) and your vet. You will take part in a discussion of the risks associated with your pet’s particular surgery, and if you go ahead with the recommendations, your pet will be booked in for an appropriate day.

On the day one of our nurses will guide you through and ask you to sign your pet’s consent form. Your pet will then stay in the hospital with us for the day.

After a thorough check, your pet will get a pre-med injection which is part of the anaesthetic protocol that has been designed specifically for your pet’s needs. The injection also calms any anxiety that your pet might feel.

Just before the operation an IV catheter is placed in the vein in the front leg so that anaesthetic or fluids can be given during surgery.

While under anaesthesia your pet is kept warm and comfortable and their vital signs are monitored continually by a vet nurse using the most current technology.

We provide complete pain management to make your pet as comfortable as possible before, during, and after the surgery. Your pet is fully monitored in recovery until they are able to stand. They will not be allowed home until they can walk comfortably.

A check up is usually scheduled with your vet 2-3 days after your pet’s operation to check for swelling around the wound. Stitches come out after 10-14 days depending on the operation. Rest is vital at this crucial time after the operation to let the wound heal properly. Your vet will advise you on what will be appropriate for your pet.