Despite there being a number of good products on the market, we still regularly find people are having problems with fleas and worms affecting their pets.  At Border Vets we stock a variety of products at a competitive price for combating parasites and we can help you to understand which products may be suitable for your own situation by providing free advice when you purchase your flea and worm products from us.  Please ask to speak to Carla or Mel.

Fleas are always easier to prevent than get rid of but beware of pet-shop products which only claim to repel fleas.  We stock only products which are highly effective at killing fleas.  If your pet suffers from a severe infestation, did you know that the fleas you see on your pet may only be the tip of the ice berg?  Immature fleas can live off your pet in your carpet for up to 100 days without a meal.  So if you only treat your pet once, it is likely that you will start noticing fleas again after that product has worn off.  This can be avoided by treating the environment as well as your pet.

Worms come in all shapes and sizes and can affect your pet in different ways.  For human health reasons we strongly recommend worming your dog or cat against Toxocara worms and suggest you do this four times a year but more frequently for nursing bitches and puppies.

Individual pets will have very different worming requirements; compare a house cat to a determined hunter or a town dog to a country one who regularly scavenges or rolls in fox poo!  To discuss your pet’s individual worming requirements, please ask to speak to Carla or Mel.  This may be particularly useful if you are planning to travel to Europe with your pet where there are many more parasitic problems like Heart worm which could affect your pet.

A recent development has been for a Lungworm called Angiostrongylus Vasorum to migrate from the south into our area – you may have seen an article recently on Reporting Scotland highlighting a case at Glasgow Vet School.  Dogs can catch this worm by licking or eating slugs and snails which they may do by accident when playing with toys in the garden.  If you think your dog may be at risk from this worm please speak to Carla or Mel.  Angiostrogylus Vasorum is NOT killed by any over the counter worm products, only by a Prescription Only product.

Did you know that the use of Flea & Tick spot-on products for Dogs is the most common cause of poisoning in Cats in this country?  Never apply a product intended for a dog to a cat.  If you are unsure please ask – we are here to help.