With over 30 years of veterinary experience between them Carla Murphy and Melanie Broad started Border Vets in October 2009. Through practices situated in Galashiels, Selkirk, and Innerleithen, they provide friendly and personal veterinary care to pets across the Borders.

From first vaccinations to a lifetime of preventative care, it’s our aim at Border Vets to help your pet live a long, happy and healthy life..

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By popular request we have moved to "appointments only" at all our surgeries.

Please phone to book.

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Carla and Mel


Here at Border Vets we try our best to provide you with a good and personal veterinary service.

All the vets will try their best to be accessible by phone if they are not operating.

Plus you and your pet will get to know our friendly reception staff.


Most of our furry friends appreciate a familiar friendly face when they come in.




(N.B. Please do not use e-mail for emergencies. Please phone 01896 752156 where you will get straight through to a vet)



Annual Booster Discounts >

For all our regular annual vaccine clients we give a 10% discount when you come in during the month your vaccine is due and you pay at the time of consultation.

We advise core vaccines for all our pets to ensure good protection.

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Discounts can apply for either our drop in clinic times or our vaccine clinic





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Free Drontal worming reminders via text and e-mail>

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Memory like a sieve ? Never forget to worm your four-legged friend again - sign up to our free text reminder service. Simply click the Drontal banner above and choose to receive monthly, quarterly or bi-annual worming reminders by either text or email. Simple!


Feline Blood Pressure >

  We all know that keeping an eye on our cholesterol level and having regular blood pressure checks keeps our hearts healthy, but did you know that high blood pressure is a common problem in our older age cats ? Amongst other things it can cause retinal detachment and blindness.


 We are now offering this blood pressure monitoring service to all cats over 12 years of age - please speak to us at your cat's next vaccination.



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We currently operate three surgeries in the Scottish Borders. Find out which one is the nearest to you and how to get there.


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